Dolan-Mayo (left) delivers a donated tablet to a caretaker at St. James Child Development Center in July.

We’re confident Edita has the skills and traits to help cultivate a great experience for the employees that will spill over to our community.

New Manager of Employee Experience & Community Affairs Position Makes Workplace Culture a Top Priority at Powernet

Date: December 15th, 2014
Author: Powernet
Tags: employee, experience, workplace, culture, community

Local communications technology provider Powernet has filled a new position - Manager, Employee Experience and Community Affairs - with former Gift1 brand manager Edita Dolan-Mayo.

The new role was created to spearhead new employee engagement initiatives and generate new opportunities for Powernet and its employees to make positive contributions to the community. It’s part of a larger push by the company to further improve the workplace experience at Powernet that was announced last week.

“This role will help support and enhance not only the new benefits program we’re putting in place in 2015, but also our culture,” said Powernet CEO Alli Stevens. “It supports our mission to be an instrument of greater purpose for all. We’re confident Edita has the skills and traits to help cultivate a great experience for the employees that will spill over to our community.”

It’s an opportunity Dolan-Mayo is embracing.

“This is already a great place to work, but we’re going to take things to the next level,” said Dolan-Mayo. “We are going to make this one of the best companies to work for in Cincinnati.”

Specifically, Dolan-Mayo is tasked with promoting employee development, wellness, philanthropy and community engagement. This includes development of a new employee hire program,  oversight of volunteer programs and charitable giving, implementation of wellness initiatives, annual review of benefits, and review of office enhancements (fun rooms, recreational activities).

In addition, Dolan-Mayo will continue to oversee Powernet’s corporate engagement in the community, such as community Wi-Fi projects, event sponsorship and tradeshow strategy.

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