Powernet employees used a charitable PTO day to serve brunch at Ronald McDonald House in May.

“The company has a genuine desire to make the employee experience here something special and unique, and that doesn’t happen everywhere.”

Powernet Announces New Benefits Package to Enhance Employee Experience

Date: December 8th, 2014
Author: Powernet
Tags: benefits, employees, health, wellness, workplace, culture

Local business communications technology provider Powernet has announced major changes to its employee benefits program and new corporate culture initiatives focused on wellness and employee engagement. The move was spurred by CEO Alli Stevens, who wants the family-owned company to embrace its role as a people-first business not only when it comes to clients, but employees as well.

  • The new benefits package, which was announced to employees on Friday, includes:
  • Increased vacation time to a minimum of 5 weeks per year for all employees.
  • A $400 annual wellness credit to be used on a gym membership, exercise equipment or other resources used to improve personal wellness.
  • One “Wellness PTO” day per year for physicals, dental exams or other wellness-related activities.
  • A 1-year pass to Hamilton County Parks.

“We believe the workplace should enable employees to engage in their own well-being, not stand in the way of it,” says Stevens. “Whether that comes through more time with family or just taking a day to get your annual physical out of the way, we want to give our employees options to help them create a better and healthier work-life balance.”

In addition to new benefits, Powernet has created a new position that will ensure this focus is an ongoing part of the culture. The Manager of Employee Experience and Community Affairs will be responsible for increasing engagement in company activities and wellness programs, coming up with new ideas to improve office culture and seeking out ways for employees to engage with the community outside the office.

“It’s rare for an employer to focus so much on the individual employee,” says Justin Rice, Powernet’s Business Solutions Manager. “The company has a genuine desire to make the employee experience here something special and unique, and that doesn’t happen everywhere.”

The newly announced benefits will take effect in 2015. Additional perks, such as new office amenities and wellness education programs are expected to be announced some time in 2015 as well.

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