Hosted IP PBX will improve efficiency while lowering costs.

With a smaller investment in hardware and the flexibility to upgrade, scale, and choose features, Hosted IP PBX delivers a lower total cost of ownership.

PowerNet Global Offers Hosted IP PBX Phone Systems

Date: January 8th, 2014
Author: Powernet
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CINCINNATI, OH – January 8, 2014 – Award-winning telecommunications company, PowerNet Global announced the nationwide rollout of their Hosted IP PBX system. This technology allows companies of all sizes to benefit from an Internet-based, sophisticated telecommunications system without a costly investment in on-site equipment.

"For years, companies have invested in Premised Based PBX systems with hardware and software housed at their own locations," said Alli Stevens, CEO of PowerNet Global. "With a Hosted IP PBX system, companies can experience those same benefits and leave the technology maintenance to us."

IP PBX is a feature-rich telecommunications system that can assist businesses with their productivity, efficiency, and customer-response. Multi-site businesses can also utilize it to connect their multiple offices together, offering a single communication solution. Premise Based Systems require companies to invest in on-site hardware to manage routing. These servers can become outdated over time or require upgrades when additional users are added to the system.

"With PowerNet Global's Hosted IP PBX, companies have more flexibility and lower upfront investment", Stevens said. "PowerNet Global hosts the system's centralized tasks and manages the hardware, leaving the leased telephone handsets to be the only investment for the customer."

"It's a simple solution that is more scalable and flexible for our customers," said John Putnam, vice president of sales at PowerNet Global. "We are excited to help a company evolve their telecommunications system as they grow and their needs change. Our Hosted IP PBX Solutions will help our customers increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and improve their overall corporate image."

The system is paired with PowerNet Global's telephone service, giving the customer the choice between metered or unlimited long distance plans. PowerNet Global also offers a variety of handset styles to choose from to meet customer needs. Companies can also select feature-rich software packages that can be used to manage and direct calls, establish conference calls, connect to cell phones through a mobile app, and manage multiple sites.

The features and benefits of the system are backed by superior customer service and support, including PowerNet Global’s U.S.-based, 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC).

"We're excited to be able to make this technology more accessible. With a smaller investment in hardware and the flexibility to upgrade, scale, and choose features, Hosted IP PBX delivers a lower total cost of ownership," Putnam said. "That frees up a company's resources to focus on core business and leave the phones to us."

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