"It’s hard to chase dollars from behind a desk." -John Putnam, Powernet VP of Sales. From 'Technology at Work: The Sales Team.'

Top Articles of Q1: We Talk Agents, Technology and Innovation

Date: April 1st, 2015
Author: Powernet
Tags: agents, technology, sales, mobility, innovation, review, first quarter

As we close the books on the first quarter of 2015, we look back at the three most popular posts from the Powernet blog over the previous three months. 

Who are Telecom Agents and Why Should You Use Them?
Buy direct or seek outside advice from an agent? There are benefits to both, but Justin Rice explains how agents can help you make sense of more complex solutions.

I’ve worked in technology for nearly a decade now, which is nothing compared to many of my counterparts who have experienced much greater change. Over these last 10 years, we’ve seen technology and telecommunications solutions change so drastically and so frequently, it leaves us wondering how we can keep up. Read more...

Who's Really Driving Tech Innovation?
Penny Thurnau shares her thoughts on the forces behind technical innovations.

For many people, getting the latest and greatest new phone or device might come years after the product has been on the market. It’s new to the consumer market, but what we might not realize is that businesses have been privy to this technology for years. Read more...

Technology At Work: The Sales Team
VP of Sales John Putnam takes a look at technology's impact on the sales force in our new Technology at Work series.

It’s hard to chase dollars from behind a desk. That being the case, sales teams are on the move quite a bit. It’s a little ironic that for a job that revolves around and is centered on communication, sometimes finding a means to communicate effectively can be incredibly difficult. Read more...