The benefits of making the switch to fax over IP start with cost savings and extend into convenience and reliability.

Top Articles of Q2: Covering Agents and Innovation

Date: July 2nd, 2015
Author: Powernet
Tags: Technology, Fax, Voice, Data, SMB, POTS, Telecommunications

As we head into the second half of the year, we take a look back at the three most popular posts from the Powernet blog over the previous three months. 

Agent Talk: Moving Forward with E-Rate 

VP of Sales, John Putnam gives his thoughts on the importance of deadlines and timing when it comes to E-Rate.

There are seven steps the school systems cycle through in order to partake in E-Rate, and agents and vendors both have a role to play in most of them. The first two steps are the most crucial times for agents if you want to make the sale. Read more...

Faxed to Death: Can This Old Technology Adapt to a Digital World?

Product Analyst David Kidwell joins the blog to discuss a question that is costing a lot of businesses money.

With fax, timing is everything. A successful fax session requires real-time, uninterrupted communication between both the sending and receiving ends. That said, it makes sense that a dedicated circuit-switched connection is ideal for faxing. IP, or internet protocol, faxing includes signal conversions, protocol translations and inevitable network congestion, all of which can affect timing and cause problems. So why bother? Read more…

Don't Lose Your Head: VoIP Can Work for Your Small Business

Figuring out the right technology move for your small business isn't always easy. Take a look and see what other small businesses are doing.

When it comes to technology for small businesses, finding the right fit can be difficult and frustrating. Between the lack of information for businesses of a smaller size and the difficulty in understanding what all these new advances in technology do, sometimes it feels like it’s not worth the hassle of upgrading. Maybe you have had your Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) since the business began but now you are hearing about all the advances with VoIP-based phone systems. The real problem now is how to figure out if the new systems are a good fit for you. Well fret no more, SMBs! Hear what some other small businesses are saying according to the findings in the newest report from telecom reviewer and comparison site Software Advice,  “VoIP Software Small Business BuyerView". Read more...