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Cable DSL Broadband

Powernet offers Cable and DSL Internet connections as a cost-effective solution for small- to medium-size businesses. With secure connections and speeds of up to 5 x 768, Cable and DSL will support your office needs for both data and voice. This service is available in Ohio only.

Internet Connectivity For Data & Voice

IMG_Bundling Data_022818_dark blue insid

High-Quality Broadband Connectivity

24/7 Local Service & Support


Scalable Bandwidth Increments

IMG_Bundling Telco_022818.png

Integrates with Powernet voice solutions.

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Integrated Access

Voice and Internet offered over a single T1 line to improve efficiency.


Multi-Protocal Label Switching (MPLS) provides you with a secure, private network and bandwidth flexibility.


Reliable high-speed Internet without the added costs of installation or equipment.


Cloud-based centralized network management solution. 

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