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Cyber Attack Protection Plan

powered by Guard Street Cyber Security

Ensure your organization’s network is covered. With the IT landscape changing, your security strategy needs to change along with it. With 60% of businesses experiencing a serious security breach in the last two years, organizations require comprehensive strategies to quickly identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities in their network infrastructures.

An All-in-One Proactive and Reactive Cyber Attack Protection Plan

Monthly External Vulnerability Scans

Live Technical & Engineering Support

$100,000 Cyber Security Insurance

Access to Cyber Incident Specialists

Industries We

Specialize In


Secure connectivity over large areas with a high density of personal devices


High capacity, high bandwidth for buildings of any size



Secure and reliable connection to support classrooms, labs, and administrative needs

Other Services To Meet Your Needs

Managed Desktop/Server

Managed desktop packages include 24/7 proactive monitoring & alerting, reporting and logging, maintenance, remote support, unlimited help-desk support and complete patch management. 

Managed Network

Ensure your network is secure and operating at peak performance. Includes 24/7 proactive monitoring & alerting, asset and performance reporting.

Managed Security

24/7 firewall administration, log monitoring and response to security and devices. The highest level of perimeter security and compliance while enabling employee productivity.

Managed Vulnerability

Scheduled security audits targeting individual assets, group assets and entire networks including local networks, satellite offices and remote workers.

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