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Additional Wi-Fi Technologies

Hosted Network Controller

SPoT: Smart Positioning Technology

Hosted Network Controller

Virtual SmartCell Gateway (vSCG) is a user-friendly network controller enabling easy management of your Wi-Fi network. Because vSCG is a hosted solution, it eliminates the need for an expensive premise-based controller and is ideal for organizations with limited support personnel. we will manage the service, but users can still manage their networks through a vSCG login if necessary.

IMG_Bundling Wi-Fi_022818_transparentblu

Robust, easy-access network management

IMG_Bundling Network Monitoring_lt blue0

Detailed tracking of network performance statistics

Solution hosted by Powernet, reduces organization's cost

Scalable to number of access points in the network

Industries We

Specialize In

Public Venues


Connectivity over large areas with a high density of personal devices

Offices &

Multi-Dwelling Units

High capacity, high bandwidth for buildings of any size



Secure and reliable connection to support classrooms, labs, and administrative needs

SPoT: Smart Positioning Technology

What if you could know where your customers are in your building or on your grounds? That kind of insight would go a long way in tailoring the customer experience to improve sales. Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) offers exactly that. Providing real-time user location and full location-based analytics, SPoT delivers customer and user insight ideal for retail, hospitality, transportation, education and healthcare venues.

IMG_Bundling Network Monitoring_lt blue0

Detailed analytic reporting

Fast & Easy venue calibration

Map input function to place Wi-Fi client on the map

Total Footfall counter, repeat vs. new visitors, and 

dwell time distribution


Custom designed Wi-Fi networks to fit your business's needs.

Managed Services

It is our goal to ensure your systems are highly available, operating at peak performance and secured to ensure data integrity and compliance. 

Internet & Data

Data solutions for business should be safe, secure and reliable.

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