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It's a Cloud Party! What Can I Bring?

I love a good party! Anyone that knows me personally, knows my record is pretty clear on that. A lot of party-goers complain when there is a cash bar, or worse yet, the dreaded BYOB! I don’t mind a good BYOB party because it allows me to control my costs, make a quick exit if needed, and best of all, I know I’ll be consuming something I am sure to like!

When exploring the option of joining the party in cloud-based customer experience platforms, there are a couple different choices to consider about things you take to the cloud with you. The main one we want to explore here is your carrier service (and for many of the same reasons outlined above!). Genesys PureCloud offers three different options for providing carrier services to your cloud deployment.

  • PureCloud Voice

  • Bring-your-own-carrier (Premise)

  • Bring-your-own-carrier (Cloud)

Let's break these down and determine which might be the best...

PureCloud Voice

This is the option that you probably expected, and perhaps the only one you ever really considered.  PureCloud Voice offers you the ability to leverage the carrier services from the PureCloud ecosystem to provide voice and dial-tone services to your PureCloud implementation. This offering utilizes multiple carriers to maintain redundancy and maximize your uptime.

Bring-Your-Own-Carrier (BYOC) Premise

The BYOC Premise is a great option for taking the express route to the Cloud. This option does require a small investment in some premise-based PureCloud Edge devices to implement but it allows you quick entry into the cloud without having to wait for existing carrier relationships to reach their expiration, or go through a number porting process.

Bring-Your-Own-Carrier (BYOC) Cloud

BYOC Cloud allows you to create a cloud-to-cloud connection between your SIP carrier of choice and the Genesys PureCloud ecosystem. Using this method you can retain your existing carrier relationships that would typically hinder a timely move to the cloud. Powernet SIP has hooks into all the major upstream carriers and  has pre-built templates to rapidly deploy the SIP telephony to your PureCloud org in a matter of minutes as opposed to the arduous days involved with some other carriers. By leveraging Powernet SIP we can take the telephony portions of PureCloud out of the “black box” to give you better diagnostics and support, rapid expansion of capacity and procurement of additional phone numbers, and number porting assistance all at a lower cost than Genesys’ PureCloud Voice! When paired with Powernet’s managed voice services offering, we can provide you with end-to-end support of your entire cloud contact center.

You already know that moving to the cloud has many positive advantages, and everyone seems to want to go there. With Powernet’s BYOC Cloud offering, you can move to the cloud, port your numbers, and enjoy all the benefits of a world-class customer experience platform while avoiding the “trip to the dentist” that is managing the carrier services of your environment. Contact Powernet today to get pricing and availability for PureCloud, and to answer the first question, BYOC!

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