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WebRTC: The Future of Business Communication?

We've been following Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) development for a couple years now. We are expecting that this year will be the biggest year yet for the technology and we expect to see some high profile rollouts of WebRTC by summertime. So what is WebRTC and why is there all this hype? First, let’s cover what WebRTC is not. WebRTC is not a product or application. It’s simply a technology that allows media sessions directly between web browsers. Companies can use this technology to create applications allowing voice and video calls (among many other media session options) dire

ct from a web browser. In regards to telecom service, this will have a big impact on unified communications solutions.   An example of this is what are expected to be the first real revenue-generating products that use WebRTC: contact centers. Businesses can put a button on their website that allows customers to click and call direct from the browser with no additional application required. This creates a very easy way for companies to connect with their customers. Also, since the browser is already aware of what part of the website the customer is on, that metadata can be passed back to the receiving end of the call. For example: You are logged into your bank’s website and decide to go look at mortgage rates. You like what you see and then press the “click to call” button. The person at the other end of that call can know who’s calling and that they were looking at mortgage rates right before they called. The call could even be routed to a mortgage specialist. There are many more uses for the technology. I expect to see them show up anywhere that simpler and smarter communications have a high value. As the commercial value of WebRTC becomes more apparent, you can be sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about it.

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