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Private Line

Because every business has specific needs that must be met, Powernet also offers Private Line Access as an alternative to traditional DIA. This service allows two locations in the continental U.S. to be directly connected with a dedicated point-to-point circuit that transmits voice or data. We also offer Intra-LATA (Local Access and Transport Area) Private Line, connecting any two locations within the same LATA.

Direct, Point-To-Point Connectivity

IMG_Bundling Data_022818_dark blue insid

Flexible Bandwidth Options

24/7 Support to Optimize Performance

IMG_Bundling security_052918_dark blue.p

Enhanced Data Security

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Integrates with Powernet voice solutions.

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Dedicated Internet/Ethernet

A high-speed, high-performance solution with bandwidth flexibility.

Managed CPE

Leave the maintenance to us with Managed Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) for Dedicated Internet Access or Private Line Access.

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