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8055 Cloud-Based Billing/OSS

An affordable, PCI compliant, cloud-based billing solution. Save your enterprise time and money by simplifying the billing process with automation and tax calculation/application. Give your customers the ability to monitor their account information such as invoices, statements and payment method anytime. Collect financial information in an encrypted and secure environment with a built-in fraud solution. Customize a variety of elements to reflect your brand through 8055 and create a simpler, faster billing process today.

Improve Your Billing Processes

IMG_Bundling 8055_022818_Dark Blue insid

Automated Billing Services

Customizable System Features

IMG_Bundling security_052918_dark blue.p

Simplified Customer Management

Encrypted & Secure 

8055 Is Still Growing!

8055 is a homegrown solution. Our team ensures that the billing solution is built to bill the most complex and trending technology solutions. 

When you implement 8055, you can rest assured that you've partnered with a provider that is committed to keeping your solution as intuitive and up-to-date as possible. 

Gain control over your customer data

8055 enables organizations to quickly and accurately manage their customer data in a clean, easy-to-use web-based portal. 

Manage & view customer...

  • Business Information

  • Invoices

  • And more!

  • Products & Services

  • Contacts

  • Account balance

  • Payments

  • Communications

  • Collections

Indepth Customer Account Database

8055 is the perfect fit for...

IMG_Bundling Telco_022818.png

Telco Providers

The 8055 platform was built by telco services, by a telco company. 

IMG_Bundling IT Managed No Back_022818.p

Managed Service Provider

8055 has built-in

 integrations with industry-leading ITMS  applications. (Connectwise, Footprints, etc.)

IMG_Bundling SD-WAN_022818 No Back.png

Technology Providers

From Cloud services to IoT, 8055 can support all your billing needs.

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