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Public Safety Signal Booster 

We offer industry-leading public safety signal boosters that ensure critical two-way radio connectivity for emergency responders in facilities of all sizes. As a certified cellular solution integrator, Powernet designs, installs, maps and works with local jurisdiction to provide a state of the art booster system that meets all NFPA and IFC code requirements.

Communications When You Need It Most 

Meets Chapter 24 Emergency Communications System of NFPA 72, 1221 and IFC 510

Amplifies Public Safety Frequencies 700MHz, 800MHz & 900 MHz for coverage up to 80,000 sq ft

Supports simultanious users to 100+ per band 

NEMA 4 rated amplifier housing. No additional NEMA enclousure(s) needed

Industries We

Specialize In

Multi-Dwelling Units

Connectivity over large areas with a high density of personal devices


High capacity, high bandwidth for buildings of any size



Secure and reliable connection to support classrooms, labs, and administrative needs

Senior Living Facility in Need

Case Study 

A large senior living community in Boca Raton, Florida is exceeding expectations by creating a community that allows seniors to continue living the lifestyle they have grown to love. With their new 160,000-square-foot community in southeast Florida, the development is able to deliver top-tier services for assisted living and memory care.

Find out how Powernet stepped in to ensure this senior living community passed it's local jurisdiction codes in order to open on time for it's eager new residents.

Empty Factory

Auto Manufacturing Facility

Case Study 

A new 800,000+ square-foot auto manufacturing facility was in need of a solution capable of providing coverage for cellular signal and first responder equipment in their brand new facility with a variety of signal restricting obstacles. 

Find out how Powernet designed and implemented a solution capable of enhancing cell and public safety signals throughout an environment that put our experienced engineers to the test.

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