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Wi-Fi Networks

Our expert engineering team will design your custom network for maximum efficiency and power, and quick turnaround on installation to ensure you have the technology and resources in place to up your organization's Wi-Fi game.

Custom Designed Networks

IMG_Bundling Wi-Fi_022818_transparentblu

4x the range of a basic wireless network

Reliable, High-performing network

Secure connection to all devices

IMG_Bundling Network Monitoring_lt blue0

Valuable analytic software available

Unmatched & robust security

Support for IP-based video and voice streaming


Industries We

Specialize In

Public Venues


Connectivity over large areas with a high density of personal devices

Offices &

Multi-Dwelling Units

High capacity, high bandwidth for buildings of any size



Secure and reliable connection to support classrooms, labs, and administrative needs

A custom Wi-Fi network is just the beginning...

Powernet offers Beyond Wi-Fi, a location-based analytics software integration with our Wi-Fi solution to help organizations in any vertical increase their ROI of their investment.

Beyond Wi-Fi offers:

  • User Demographics (age, gender, etc.)

  • Users' social interests

  • User location & movement with the network area

  • Location based footfall & heat mapping of venue network

  • Devices, operating systems, and browsers used

  • Data usage and time spent on network

  • And more!


Western & Southern Open

The Western & Southern Open is a 9-day tennis event in Mason, Ohio. Since it’s only a 9-day event, the facility needed a bullet-proof Wi-Fi solution. The Western & Southern Open hosts up to more than 200,000 fans on any given day. Looking to find a solution that was reliable and solid in this environment, Ruckus was the clear choice. Powernet and Ruckus teamed up to equip the venue with a mixture of indoor and outdoor 802.11ac Ruckus access points managed by the Ruckus Virtual SmartZone.

Avondale Community Wi-Fi

Case Studies

Avondale is a diverse neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio with approximately 8,000 citizens. Our vision was to provide the citizens of Avondale equal opportunity by offering Wi-Fi. Through a joint partnership with Ruckus Networks, we provided the community with a variety of  indoor and outdoor access points. These are managed by Ruckus’ Virtual SmartZone controller and hosted by us in our data center. This solution has helped to erase the digital divide by offering this service to Avondale community residents.
ATP 2019 Stadium.jpeg

Western & Southern Open

Wi-Fi, Large Public Venue

A major pro tennis tournament looked to us to provide outdoor Wi-Fi access to nearly 200k attendees. 

Baby Tiger

Cincinnati Zoo &

Botanical Gardens

Wi-Fi, Large Public Venue

See how our Beyond Wi-Fi solution revolutionized the visitor experience at a nationally recognized Zoo.

Technology at School

Oak Hills School District

Wi-Fi, Education

Discover how we connected a technology-driven school district with a network strong enough to support over 6,000 users.

City Street

Lower Price Hill


Wi-Fi, Public Network

See how Powernet is providing public Wi-Fi access to a community in need.

Wooden Planks

Frank Miller Lumber


Wi-Fi, Business

To increase efficiencies across the company, we helped this business automate their processes.

Church Pews

Second Chance Ministries

Wi-Fi, Non Profit

See how one church combined our solutions to bring its message into the 21st century.

Wi-Fi Analytics

Blog Post

See how data capture from your Wi-Fi network can transform all aspects of your marketing strategy.

Large Venue Wi-Fi

Blog Post

To visitors attending sporting events, concerts, academic campuses, zoos, museums, or large event venues; Wi-Fi is no longer an expectation, but a requirement. Studies dictate that visitors attribute Wi-Fi with an improved experience and show they will be a loyal customer if Wi-Fi is available every time they visit.

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Beyond Wi-Fi

Gain key insights to your network users through a Wi-Fi connection.

Managed Services

It is our goal to ensure your systems are highly available, operating at peak performance and secured to ensure data integrity and compliance. 

Network Controller

Hosted Management services for your Wi-Fi Network. 

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