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Cloud Storage Solutions

Your data is your business's lifeline. Our flexible cloud storage solutions ensure your data is protected and highly available through cloud-based infrastructure that is fully managed by our certified engineers.

Enable data back-up & disaster recovery services

with private cloud infrastructure

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Private Cloud Hosting

Avoid the hassles of managing physical servers with private cloud hosting. Our team of certified engineers will work alongside you and your team to create a fully managed cloud storage environment scaled to fit your business's specific needs. With a secure cloud infrastructure in place, you can open the door to utilizing cloud back-up and disaster recovery services with the peace of mind that your data is safe and secure in the cloud.

  • Built to fit your unique cloud needs.

  • Affordable storage pricing.

  • Fully managed cloud environment.

  • Secure, firewall-protected environment.

Reliably back-up your data to the cloud with automated processes. You decide how often you need your data backed up to your local servers and your secure cloud environment and our team will do the rest. From routine back-ups to data restoration, our team will ensure an up to date version of your data is always available when you need it most. 

  • Restore data within hours of an outage.

  • Fast, automated backups.

  • Replication for local and cloud-based environments. 

  • Reliably restore files, applications and entire virtual machines.

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Data Back-up

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Disaster Recovery

Data back-ups are a powerful way for businesses to preserve their data, but having quick access to that data is the key to avoiding downtime and lost revenue. Disaster recovery services dramatically reduce data recovery time to ensure your business is back up and running in as little as minutes after an outage or data loss.  

  • Streamlined failback minimizes user disruption.

  • Routine replication and failover testing. 

  • Boot from the cloud or replicate to a local server.  

  • Safely recover data protected behind a secure cloud gateway.

Ideal for a variety of use cases


Ransomware Protection

Keeping data secure in the cloud away from local environments allows you to quickly restore data after a breach and avoid paying a hefty ransom.

Cloud Transition

Ideal for companies looking to shift their network infrastructure to the cloud to reduce costs and meet compliance standards. 


Data Security

Whether you're prone to experience natural disasters or your local server suddenly died, data loss can happen in an instant without warning. Protect your data before it's too late. 

Managed Services

Our local experts act as your organization's IT team, or as an extension of it, providing 24/7 support.

Security Services

Stay ahead of intruders and malicious acts, as we work to constantly adjust and improve your security posture.

Cyber Attack Protection Plan

An all-in-one protection approach to solve today’s toughest
vulnerability management challenges.

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