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Internet & Data

Data solutions for business should be safe, secure and reliable. That’s exactly what Powernet delivers through a host of connectivity and managed services engineered to support the data needs of any size organization. Our Network Operations Center is also available 24/7 to help maximize uptime and efficiency.

Choose from any of our Internet & Data solutions below to learn more. 

Dedicated Internet/Ethernet

A high-speed, high- performance solution with broadband flexibility.


MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) provides you with a secure private network and bandwidth flexibility.

Cable/DSL Broadband

Cost-effective, high-speed Internet access for SMBs via cable and digital subscriber line (DSL).

Private Line

A dedicated point-to-point circuit for voice and data transmissions.

Integrated Access

Voice and Internet offered over a single T1 line to improve efficiency.

4G Failover

A simple and reliable high-speed connection providing serviceable internet access to areas with limited broadband availability.


Reliable high-speed Internet without the added costs of installation or equipment.

Managed CPE

Leave the maintenance to us with Managed Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) for Dedicated Internet Access or Private Line Access.


Private SIP connectivity for business security.

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