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Powernet Completes Expansion of Avondale’s Free Wi-Fi Network

Tyler Smith

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Powernet has completed the second phase of Avondale's free community Wi-Fi network, servicing more than 600 additional residents.

Cincinnati, OH - February 21, 2019 - Powernet has completed work on the second phase of their Free Wi-Fi network in the community of Avondale. Work on the project began in June of 2018 and included installing networking equipment within 11 multi-dwelling units across the area. The expanded network will serve more than 600 additional residents.

In 2015 Powernet began working with its partners to provide free internet access to Avondale residents in an effort to revitalize the neighborhood, improve the quality of life and attract future business to the area. The initial project spanned approximately 1 mile of Reading Rd between Blair Avenue and South Shuttlesworth Circle, servicing over 250 residences and businesses. Since going online for the first time in mid-2016, the network has hosted over 46,048 unique sessions.

“The goal of this expansion was to provide powerful indoor connectivity to Avondale residents,” says Edita Dolan-Mayo, Director of Marketing and Community Affairs at Powernet. “This project would not have reached this point without our trusted partners’ willingness to make a difference in the community.”

The project has received a significant amount of support from members of the community and some of Powernet’s closest partners. Community supporters including the Avondale Community Council, Avondale Development Corporation, and Gabriel’s Place have provided access to community buildings and feedback that enables Powernet to gear the network towards the needs of residents in the area.

Partners such as The Community Builders, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and Cincinnati Public Schools have also played a key role in providing financial assistance through grants and organizational programs. Their support has allowed Powernet to continue expanding the network by covering costly aspects of the project such as equipment installation and continued maintenance.

"We’re excited to help bring connectivity to Avondale residents with the support of our trusted partners. This investment, made possible with HUD grant funds, complements our efforts to make Avondale an even better place to live,” said Jeff Beam, TCB director of development, Ohio.

Powernet also received support from Ruckus Networks, an ARRIS company, Purple and SureFire Innovations, three of the company’s largest suppliers. These partners have worked closely with Powernet to provide discounted equipment and donate services. SureFire Innovations provided cabling services for the project while Ruckus delivered networking equipment to increase connectivity access for Avondale residents. Purple’s onboarding portal has been utilized to displays job opportunities and community events to users as they log-in to the Wi-Fi network.

“We know without the support of our partners, this project wouldn’t have been possible,” says Alli Stevens, CEO of Powernet. “I’m thankful for all the support we’ve received and look forward to collaborating on additional expansion in Avondale.”

Avondale residents can simply search for “AvondaleFREEWifi” on their Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to the network where access is available.

About Powernet

Powernet is a Woman-Owned business with more than 25 years of experience and expert sales, engineering and support teams, which provide our partners and clients the unparalleled service and innovative technology they need to achieve their business goals. Servicing worldwide with offices in Ohio (HQ), Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Maryland, and Texas. We enable businesses and communities to connect in the office and globally through our full-service technology lineup featuring Wi-Fi, voice, data and IT managed services. Additionally, we offer IP security systems, billing (& back office support applications) as well as domestic and international carrier services.

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