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Jacob Kelly joins Powernet as the new Vice President of Channel Sales

Tyler Smith

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Powernet is pleased to announce the hiring of Jacob Kelly as its new Vice President of Channel Sales

Cincinnati, OH - February 29, 2024 - Powernet is pleased to welcome Jacob Kelly as its new Vice President of Channel Sales. Kelly brings with him a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives, along with years of experience working in the channel’s unique ecosystem. Any channel partners working with Powernet can expect Kelly to provide a relationship-driven and partner-centric approach to every engagement.

“Joining the Powernet Channel team is both an honor and thrilling new chapter in my career,” says Kelly. “Powernet’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and prioritizing the customer experience, paired with a genuine empowerment of employees to excel and take pride in their work, resonated deeply with me. I am eager to apply my expertise and contribute to the expansion of Powernet’s market presence.”

Kelly’s hiring ushers in a new phase of Powernet’s longstanding channel program,working alongside veteran Penny Thurnau, Powernet’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Alliances.

“Jacob Kelly’s appointment as our new VP of Channel Sales signifies a pivotal moment for Powernet’s growth,” says Thurnau. “With Jacob at the helm of our Channel Program, we anticipate unprecedented success in expanding our partner network, fostering new opportunities for collaboration & mutual success.”

His proven track record of solution-based sales and partner development enables partners to find growth in not only their bottom line but also their professional understanding of technology solutions and how to sell them.

“My approach is to align Powernet’s strengths and vast solution portfolio with specific partner capabilities, fostering growth and success for both Powernet and our partners through tailored strategies and collaborative initiatives.”

As the new Vice President of Channel Sales, Kelly is looking to hit the ground running with a strategy rooted in innovation and partnership.

“Our growth strategy will be multifaceted, focusing on expanding our partner ecosystem to include a diverse range of partners each bringing unique strengths and capabilities, providing them with confidence and trust in Powernet through comprehensive support, targeted training and competitive incentives, and empowering them to effectively sell and support our solutions.”

Channel partners can learn more about how they can start working with Jacob Kelly and join Powernet’s Channel Program by visiting

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