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Powernet CEO Alli Stevens named Vistage Leadership Award Winner

Tyler Smith

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Powernet CEO Alli Stevens has received the Vistage Leadership award.

Cincinnati, OH - July 25, 2019 - Powernet CEO Alli Stevens has received the Vistage Leadership award. The award honors Vistage members who have made discernible differences in their company, their Vistage group, and their community. 

“At Powernet, we put the focus on our people,” says Stevens. “Through our people we are able to act with authenticity and with purpose. This has allowed us to find success and grow the business with integrity. To be recognized by the Vistage Leadership Award is an honor that I share with my team.”

Since joining Vistage in 2015, Alli has successfully led Powernet through multiple transitions including expanding its product focus from only traditional telco services to a full service technology offering, and the acquisition of a thriving IT managed services provider. Throughout all of these changes Alli was able to maintain a positive company culture through initiatives implemented along the way that put the focus on employees. This enabled individual team members to find success, which meant success for the company as well.  

What sets Alli apart from many other deserving leaders is what she has been able to accomplish in the community. After implementing products such as Wi-Fi, data and managed services into Powernet’s portfolio, Alli was able to find ways to utilize these solutions while giving back to the community. With the assistance of community leaders, Alli and her team implemented free public Wi-Fi networks in Lower Price Hill and Avondale to erase the digital divide. Unlike many competitors who provide access with a subscription to their service through public hotspots, Powernet’s public networks give residents the opportunity to find jobs, continue their education, pay their bills, interact with their primary care team and perform many other tasks through Wi-Fi at no cost.

Additionally, in order to overcome high turnover rates in the technology industry, Alli made it a priority to enable individual success through employee benefits. Powernet employees now enjoy 5 weeks of PTO, providing all employees adequate time to spend with their family. Team members can also join one of the many employee run committees that give them the opportunity to have their voices heard when determining benefits such as company events, wellness initiatives and more. These activities, among many others have led to higher retention rates and reduced burnout over time.  

“Alli’s contributions to the community and her employees have set the bar high for decision-makers across the country,” says Jamie Overbey, Group Chair of Vistage Worldwide. “Alli is a shining example of what it takes to lead a modern technology company.” 

For more than 60 years, Vistage has been helping CEOs, business owners and key executives solve their greatest challenges through confidential peer advisory groups and one-to-one executive coaching sessions with accomplished business leaders. 

About Powernet

Powernet enables businesses and communities to connect in the office and globally through our full-service technology lineup featuring Wi-Fi, voice, data and IT managed services, in addition to IP security systems, billing (& back office support applications) as well as domestic and international carrier services. As Women-Owned business with more than 25 years of experience our expert sales, engineering and support teams, provide our partners and clients the unparalleled service and innovative technology they need to achieve their business goals. We service worldwide with offices in Ohio (HQ), Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, and Maryland.

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