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Channel Talk: Doing Business with the Hospitality Industry

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

We’ve heard the question asked time and time again. “How do I sell to the Hospitality industry?” Whether you’re attempting to sell to a hotel, senior living facility, apartment complex, condos, or campus housing, Powernet has a solution offering that allows you to be competitive and stand out from the competition in one of the most competitive sales verticals.

The PowerPlay Package

Over the years our team has crafted a solution package that has repeatedly satisfied the unique technology needs of MDU clients. This offering is built from the core services all MDU properties are looking for; voice, data, Wi-Fi, and IPTV.

What Sets Us Apart...

Our PowerPlay package isn’t limited to the standard voice, data, Wi-Fi and TV offering. What allows you and our package to stand out from the competition are our expanded package options - managed services, first responder systems, cell signal boosters, and security cameras.

Managed Services

MDU facilities have a lot of IT infrastructure to manage, especially those with multiple locations. Our managed services allow properties to offload their IT management to Powernet. This allows organizations to focus on what they do best while our team of engineers keeps things running smoothly as they implement best practices and security measures to protect the network and tenant information.

First Responder Systems

Many buildings across the country are now required by local jurisdictions to implement systems that allow first responders to maintain consistent radio communication from within a property. Our first responder systems fulfill this requirement by amplifying public safety radio frequencies to ensure communication is never interrupted. Failure to have one of these systems in place can cause a property to be fined or prevent new buildings from receiving their certificate of occupancy.

Cell Signal Boosters

Not only do buildings often disrupt radio frequencies, but cell signal is also reduced, inhibiting tenants and staff from connecting via their cellular devices. The cell signal booster solution provides a variety of options for extending coverage and increasing signal quality in areas experiencing poor signal quality.

Security Cameras

Modern facilities need modern security systems in place. Our offering gives MDU’s access to indoor and outdoor cameras with 2-way radio and Wi-Fi accessibility to ensure connectivity and deployment flexibility.

Our complete offering brings together our strongest solutions to provide a full service technology package built to satisfy the needs of MDU properties and their tenants. Clients also have the ability to mix and match offerings to create a solution that works for their specific technology needs. When you work with Powernet you gain access to our products, experienced engineers and expert sales team that will assist you in securing any Multi-Dwelling Unit opportunities you bring to the table.

Interested in learning more about our MDU offerings? Check out our recent MDU webinar to learn more about our solutions directly from our team. Link to webinar:

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