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Scanning for Data Breach Vulnerability

VSS: Step 1 of a Robust Security Strategy

Whether your company has three computers or thirty thousand, there is a universal truth that affects you – new software vulnerabilities are discovered every day that threaten your customer and company data. Standard security assessment and antivirus solutions don’t provide the detail and actionable data that IT executives must demand.

Step 1 to a robust security strategy is a Vulnerability Scan to identify your company’s current security posture. Vulnerability Scanning Services (VSS) are the cornerstone element of any information security program. VSS will audit the security of all devices across your computing networks; from your local network to satellite offices and remote workers.

Top 6 VSS Benefits:

  • Identify risks of a data breach that impact your customers and corporate reputation

  • Validate that security patch management tools are working properly

  • Improve good business practices and smooth ongoing security awareness

  • Confirm that compliance obligations are met

  • Maintain security and business continuity during internal IT employee turnover

  • Construct an informed security strategy ​

As ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ it also takes time to develop a solid security strategy that can withstand data breaches caused by malicious or criminal attacks, system glitches that include both IT and business process failures as well as human error. VSS is the first step to creating a foundation to a substantial security program within your company.

*Ponemon Institute: 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study

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