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Our bundled solution, PowerPlay is a full-service entertainment and communication solution, providing high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, digital phone and IPTV. The best part about doing business with Powernet is we won’t restrict your bandwidth consumption and we’ll let you keep your current home phone number when you sign up. Consolidate your communications network across one company and offer residents improved technology solutions

Advanced entertainment & communication solution 

24x7 Proactive Monitoring & Alerting 

Secure Policy Configuration

Intrusion Prevention 

Anti-Malware/Virus Protection 

HIPAA Compliant

Site to Site VPN 

Senior Living Facility in Need

Case Study 

A large senior living community in Boca Raton, Florida is exceeding expectations by creating a community that allows seniors to continue living the lifestyle they have grown to love. With their new 160,000-square-foot community in southeast Florida, the development is able to deliver top-tier services for assisted living and memory care.

Find out how Powernet stepped in to ensure this senior living community passed it's local jurisdiction codes in order to open on time for it's eager new residents.

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