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All Eyes on Wi-Fi Analytics: 7 Ways Wi-Fi Data Can Impact Your Marketing

The need for Wi-Fi is imperative in almost every venue. Free public Wi-Fi has become the norm and most clients and customers expect it wherever they go. You installed a Wi-Fi solution for your facility and now what? Why not take advantage of what you can find out about your Users through Wi-Fi analytics? Understanding the customer journey is a huge advantage for your brand and the data captured through Wi-Fi access reveals key insights into the mind of the consumer. Whether you're a large venue, a retailer or a school, Wi-Fi analytics has a place in your marketing strategy.

Collect & Analyze User Behavior

Demographics, social interests and visit history are a

few of the key insights that can guide your marketing plan. Knowing what interests your Users have can greatly impact how you market to them. For example, you’re a retailer selling men's and women’s apparel. Mostly men age 35-50 visit the store begging the question, why aren’t women coming into the store? This allows you to make changes justified by analytics.

Track the User Journey

With location-based analytics you can virtually see exactly where your Users are within your facility. Heavy traffic areas can prompt more promotions. For example, if you can see most Users are entering and exiting through the South entrance of the football arena, place a certain vendor there to get more value.

Connect on Social Media

When your Wi-Fi offers social login, this is a great chance to connect with your Users on social media platforms. Have Users “like” you on Facebook to keep up with the latest promotions or tweet them updates on the newest deals at your venue. Social Media yields another way for you to transform how you interact with fans and customers.

Utilize Footfall to Engage

Heat maps can collect data on where Users are spending most of their time. Take advantage of promoting what is around them. See a User hanging out in the food court? Send them a coupon for a free drink. Notice a large amount of people entering the store through the left door? Rearrange your products for optimal engagement with customers.

Reward Repeat Visitors and Loyalty

Recognize customer loyalty through Wi-Fi analytics and show them that you appreciate their patronage. Customize greetings so that first-time visitors receive a welcome message and promotion directly to their email. Collect phone numbers and text a customer on their third visit with a coupon to thank them for their loyalty.

Drive Visitors to Take Action Create a custom splash page to drive customers to purchase or engage with your brand. Change up the content whenever you want to keep Users interested. This is a chance to promote special events and to let your customers be the first to know.

Provide Access to Need-to-Know Information

Real-time engagement allows you to communicate with your Users when vital information needs to be spread. Think rain delays - send messages to your fans letting them know exactly when their team will be back in the game.

The flexibility of Wi-Fi analytics allows you to stretch the possibilities of your marketing content and approach. This is a chance to get creative with analytics to back up your decision-making. Wi-Fi analytics is the network solution of the future.

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