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Five Reasons Why Cyber Security Should be Top Priority for Organizations

With cyber attacks on the rise and even more serious than before, we have gathered the top five reasons that your network security should be a top priority. The more proactive an organization is about protecting their network, the better! In our digital age, cyber criminals are learning new ways to cause network damage, which can lead to costly effects. 

Why should cyber security be a top priority?

#1: $53,987 is the average cost of a cyber attack for businesses with less than 1000 employees.

#2: 50% of all cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses.

#3: The costs of cyber crimes globally will rise to $6 Trillion dollars by 2021.

#4: 61% of data breach victims affected companies with less than 1000 employees.

#5: 196 days- without proper managed security services, this is the average time it takes an organization to identify a data breach.

The Silver Lining

Now that you are now aware of the potential risks that your network may face, you can start the next steps of ensuring your network is protected. There is no time to waste to start thinking about how you can protect your devices, your network, and ultimately your organization as a whole. An attack on your network may not just affect your business alone, it can affect the clients or other businesses you service and partner with. 

What Should I Do Next?

There is no need to worry, Powernet engineers have decades of experience in all aspects of IT managed services, specifically in security. We can facilitate a vulnerability scan of all your devices on a monthly basis, then evaluate and review any vulnerabilities your network may have. Don't let your company become a statistic.

Take advantage of FREE vulnerability scan offer, for a limited time only. Speak with us today about how we can assist you in being proactive about these potential risks.

*Free vulnerability scan offer expires 11/1/19.*

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